CSAA Innovation Manual


Keywords: Corporate Innovation, Design Thinking


To inform employees about the innovation program and equip them with tools to innovate.

During the summer and fall of 2018, I interned at CSAA Insurance Group’s internal innovation program, which aims to build new business ideas and to further instill a culture of innovation within the company.

︎ Ideation
︎ User Research
︎ Wireframe
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I mainly worked as an innovation analyst during the internship, assisting groups of employees iterate through new business ideas within the program. Throughout the summer, I found that many employees can often be intimidated by the idea of “innovation”, due to limited knowledge about the program and overall tools and terminologies commonly used in practices of innovation. Therefore, I decided to design a company-wide website for the program to make relevant knowledge and tools more accessible to all employees, and familiarize them with work done in the program.

Eventually, this project stretched beyond my original summer internship, and I continued to work there for the following Fall semester.


What is ‘Innovation’, and what are they doing?

Through talking to company employees outside of the program, I found that a lot of them have little understanding about the program and the works done here. Even those who were currently in the program, a lot of them were unfamliar with the idea of “innovation” (which is an admittantly broad term), and are often intimidated by the idea of it.

To help employees gain better understandings of what’s going on inside the innovation program, and build a creative confidence in their own abilities to innovate, after conducting user research with a few employees and relevant stakeholders, I started designing a website for the innovation program with goals to:

  • Showcase teams’ progress
  • Engage employees outside of the program to get involved
  • Provide tools and methods to help employees innovate

Additionally, this will serve as an operating manual for the program, to on-board employees within the program, and help them get up to speed in their daily operations.


Research, Ideate, Wireframe, Mockup, Prototype

The general steps I’ve taken throughout the design process include:
  • User interviews with stakeholders and employees affiliated with the program (currently participating or have been marginally involved) to find pain points
  • Synthesis of findings and discuss with the Strategy & Innovation team to establish and align goals
  • Sketch information architecture and wireframes
  • Iterate and design higher fidelity mockups
  • Build an interactive prototype on InVision and presented it to the entire Strategy & Innovation department, including key stakeholders like C-suite executives.



Wireframes for landing page

Mockup for landing page

Information architecture & more mockups

Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, please shoot me an email to learn more about this project or request access to the prototype.