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Club Day Roadmap

personal project

Keywords: Event planning, orientation, student organizations.


To design an experience for freshman college students to discover clubs and orientation events on campus.

︎ Research & Persona
︎ Ideate
︎ Userflow & Wireframes
︎ Mockups & Prototype


Target User

Freshman undergraduate students entering college at the beginning of a school year:
  •  Around the age of 17-20
  • With little to no prior knowledge about student organizations and campus life
  • Open and excited to explore new student organizations

I chose freshman undergraduates,because they would likely need the most help from orientations. While not the primary target, transfer students can also be potential users.


To understand the existing problem space and key challenges involved, I asked a few friends around me to share their experiences about how they discover, join, or create student organizations. 

Identifying Pain Points

Lacking of/unaware of online platforms that agglomerate different campus clubs
  • Limited reach on social media without proper connections/significant effort

Navigating around a large number of student organizations to:
  • Find specific clubs they’re already interested in
  • Shop around potential clubs of their interest
    Strategically plan around schedules to attend mandatory/optional club events

Key Insights for Design Decisions

Important alternative for those who can’t make it to orientations,or for those who prefer not to be physically present in a large crowd.

There are usually a lot of student organizations serving different interests/student bodies. The concern is too many clubs, not too few.

Some feedbacks expressed the importance of attending club welcome events/info sessions on campus, and some experienced not being able to join certain clubs due to absences in their events.


Existing Solution: School Website

The University maintains a website that aims to collect and present information about all on-campus groups.
This is usually where new students will be directed to during their orientation, and is the most “official source” of information on clubs

Problem: Information overload and poor organization.
There are 1275 Organizations in 37 Categories.
I tried to look for a design club that I’m involved in - it’s listed under “Government Programs”, instead of “Arts Student Organizations”.

Existing Solution: Facebook

Clubs have dedicated Facebook Pages and Events for their organization. Facebook events and profile posts also boost and advertise student organizations.

Problem: You have to know what you’re looking for, or have the right person in your network to be able to have easy access to these information.

Existing Solution: Student Efforts

Students have attempted to build solutions to mitigate the problems. This is a student-built web game to help navigate around club day/orientation:

Problem: They are temporary and difficult to maintain.
This web game is no longer running live on the internet.

Inspiration: Tumblr onboarding

Tumblr is a social media platform popular amongst young people. Its intuitive onboarding process helps people discover and sort through their interests.

Brainstorm & Criteria

To decide on which idea to proceed with to further build and test, I set up a few criteria for judging, given realistic constraints and limitations in this exercise:

Feasibility: Easy to build and test.
Accessibility: Independent from student’s existing social networks.
Clear Organization: Intuitive for people to use and sort through.

Based on the criteria above, I’ve decided to try and build out the idea of having an official web app for club day events.

Club Day Roadmap

Feasible: This would be a simple website with few screens involved.
Accessible: This can be incorporated onto the official website/distributed as a link.
Clear Organization: Information arranged intuitively, inspired by Tumblr


User Flow

Some important functions and features include:
  • Browse clubs based on interests indicated
  • View club events
  • Create schedule based on club events selected


I sketched out a few screens of this Roadmap web app, which will have the following main functions:

  • Browse different student organizations on campus based on selected interests
  • Display basic information clubs based on indicated interests
  • Select areas of interest based on categories
  • Browse relevant club events and add to calendar



I designed higher fidelity mock-ups for 3 key screens to highlight what the product looks like. For the visuals, I utilized bright, high contrast colors to create a light-hearted, playful atmosphere. I also created an interactive prototype on inVision.

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