Eggster Branding

graphic design for @Eggster at Berkeley
Refresh the Eggster brand in light of its 25th anniversary, and create design assets for the 25th annual event - an egg hunt learning festival.

Brand, logo, banner, sticker, T-Shirt, non-profit, education, children, family, celebration, anniversary


About Eggster

Eggster's mission is to nurture the creativity, curiosity, and welfare of Bay Area youth! Our yearly event is held at the UC Berkeley campus and is a one-day carnival of fun and learning, open to all for free. We bring the community together by integrating local businesses, reaching out to nearby schools, and collaborating with Cal students.

Previous Logos + Posters

New Brand Guide


Banner (2’ X5’)

Event Day Assets

Flyers (8.5’’ X 11’’)

Stamp Card (3.5’’ X 2’’)