Blue Project

Innovative Design

I’ve always been a huge fan of simple aesthetic usable designs, as I’m working towards achieving that myself. I’ve explored a few different disciplines of design in the past, but for the upcoming 10 weeks, my goal is to get comfortable with digital UX design. This entails conducting some case studies, a redesign of a digital product, and eventually completing a personal project, in conjunction with an UI class that I'm taking.

Whenever I get stuck, I’ll scroll through websites like Instagram, dribbble, Tumblr, and Pinterest to get some inspirations. Looking at cat pictures, listening to music, finding colors, painting & doodling also help me refocus.

During our check-ins (weeks 4, 6, 8, 10), I’d like to receive some feedbacks from my peers and am always excited to see their amazing works!

Week 1 | Set up

Here’s what the timeline is going to look like for the next 10 weeks:

Week 1: Set up
Week 2: Case Study
Week 3 - 10: Personal Project

For the rest of this week, I’ll be dedicated to complete and expand this schedule. This includes selecting the subject for case study, and start developing a more detailed plan for the redesign and personal project. 


Week 2 | case study

I decided to look at an app that gets a lot of use in my daily life - Spotify (on Medium).


week 3 | redesign (1)

This is the first week of my personal project. I've chosen to redesign Air Canada's mobile check-in service, and this past week I took some time to do a bit of research on the background (on Medium).


week 4, 5 | Detour

Taking a creative detour (while dying from midterms X_X):

  1. Picked up on an old project to reconnect with music as a major source of my inspiration
  2. Doodled a bit
in the clouds


week 6 | transition

This is the second week of my personal project. Unfortunately unable to conduct UX research as planned, due to accidental laptop damage, but here's a brief overview of the rest of the semester since there's been some changes.

Personal Project: Redesign Air Canada Mobile Check-in
Week 7: UX research (AEIOU + Journey Map)
Week 8-10: Prototyping + testing

Welcoming any suggestions/feedback.

Meanwhile, please enjoy a very stressful and depressing color palette that I've made for an UI assignment in replacement of the originally planned work:')


Blue Team is the advanced design team for Innovative Design, an on-campus 10 year old student club dedicated to design, photography and web design. Here's my team and this is what they're working on:

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